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RF GENERATORS From Trumpf Hüttinger

Trumpf – Hüttinger RF Generators will upgrade your semiconductor production tools to the highest levels in terms of quality, stability and reliability.


TruPlasma RF Series 1000 / 3000 (G2/13)


Would you like to lower repair costs and replace your obsolete RF generators with reliable plug and play solutions?


Would you like to have a more stable and repeatable wafer to wafer process?


The latest generation of RF generators


TRUMPF RF generators are a suited replacement for most 13.56 MHz generators on 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm tools, where the highest precision is needed.

With Trumpf RF generators you can rest assured the TruPlasma RF generators stand out for its robust design and high efficiency. This means it is best suited for stable reproducible plasma processes on your tools. Their stable output power and high control accuracy guarantee the best results while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Thanks to TruPlasma stable output and high control accuracy you will be provided by ideal conditions and reliable tool process!


Applicable on CVD, PVD, Etch, ion implantation, photoresist coating, stripping, and exposure tools.

A high level of accuracy and reproducibility

CombineLine technology: Optimal process power due to true 50-ohm output impedance.

Independence from the RF cable length

Adjusting the cable lengths is no longer necessary – an absolute innovation in the RF area.


and safe

CombineLine technology: Reliable protection against reflected power in the event of a mismatch.

Efficient and cost-effective

You will be provided with which enables you to reduce energy costs up to 50% and return your investment in a very short time.

CombineLine coupling


Due to innovative functions such as the patented or real-time measurement of all your process parameters, reliable power supply even in demanding plasma processes is guaranteed – the optimal conditions for reproducible results and high productivity.



  • RF arc management

Ideal module to optimize plasma control and reduce your wafer damages. Arc detection guarantees the highest possible productivity, with protecting your wafers and equipment at the same time.

Qualification process result

  • Auto Frequency tuning

Most intelligent technology solution guarantees the optimal interaction between the RF generator and matchbox, with exceptionally stable energy supply. You will achieve the highest process reproducibility with simultaneous and fast frequency tunning, with less settings.


Looking to upgrade your tool?

We've got a drop-in replacement for the discontinued OEM28B,  and we're working on more solutions for other tools.

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's comunicate!

If you want to have a technical presentation, please contact Daniel Bernegger via mail: or via phone: +423 375 8028.

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