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This policy is an integral part of the SPM’s Privacy Policy (available at the following link) and contains full information about the cookies that we use on (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).


We are continuously making further improvements and changes to the ways we use cookies and we will keep this page updated with the cookies we use.


Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by users send through to their terminals (computers, tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc.), usually to the browser, where they are stored to then be retransmitted to the same websites when the same users subsequently revisit the sites.

Please note that cookies will not damage your device.

Below you can find a list of categories of cookies we use on this Site.


Based on their features and use, cookies can be distinguished in various categories:

Strictly necessary technical cookies. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of a website and are used to manage certain services offered thereby (such as for example, login, access to a restricted area, etc.). The persistence of these cookies is strictly limited to the work session, or they can have a longer duration in order to “remember” the visitor’s choices. The deactivation of strictly necessary technical cookies can compromise the user’s experience and navigation on the website.

Cookies for analytics and performance (not operational on this Site). These cookies are used to collect and analyze the traffic and use of a website in an anonymous fashion, allowing the system to be monitored and improving performance and usability. While they do not identify the user, these cookies can, for example, detect whether the same user returns to the site at various times. The deactivation of analytics and performance cookies could cause loss of site functionality.

Profiling cookies (not operational on this Site). These are permanent cookies used to identify (both anonymously and otherwise) the user’s preferences and improve the navigation experience.


This Site only uses strictly necessary technical cookies and anonymized third-party analytics cookies for which the applicable law does not require the subject’s consent.

Specifically, this Site uses the following cookies:

– XSRF-TOKEN: strictly necessary technical cookie that lasts as long as your session and provides essential security measures;

– hs, PHPSESSID: strictly necessary technical cookies that last as long as your session and store information regarding your interaction with the Site;

– uidp: strictly necessary technical cookies that last 12 months

– svSession: strictly necessary technical cookie that lasts 24 months and saves information for futures logins;

– anonymized analytics third-party cookies that last 12 months and help us to analyze the performance of the Site. You can find more information regarding this cookie and opt-out thereto at


We remind you that, in compliance with current legislation on cookies, your prior consent is not necessary for the cookies used in this Site.

Anyway, if you do not agree with the use of all or any cookie, you must configure the browser settings and disable the cookies or stop using the Site. By disabling cookies, however, the Site or some of its features may not work properly.

To modify the use of cookies and block/delete them on the device, simply enter the browser settings. Configurations of the cookies may be different in each browser, even though the steps are very similar. For more details on the procedure, visit  or see the “Help” section of your specific browser.


To learn more about cookies and to manage your preferences on third-party cookies please visit

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