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Are you facing backside particles in your implant tools?


You can improve that with our new innovative ESCs for less backside particles in your implant process.


Implant Rubber ESC front and back


Connector changes between OEM and SPM improved ESC. Wire cable is removed, and direct contact is used. 

Get access to a free checklist with helpful insights on running an ESC.


  • Improved particle control (Wafer backside particles < 10,000)

  • Improved mechanical strength in clamping electrode connection points

  • The improved lifetime in comparison with OEM

  • Reliable wafer clamping consistency

After a long time of usage, also repair of the implant ESC, with changing all connections and top surface, is possible.


Structure of the improved ESC

Get access to our free PDF file to learn more about the function of Electrostatic-chucks, the advantages or disadvantages of the different types.

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's comunicate!

For all the further information please contact Philipp Quaderer via mail: or via Phone: +4237928027.

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