We are able to supply over 90 heaters and ESCs for your CVD etch and implant processes

The new heaters are made out of ceramic or aluminium. The temperature range starts at approximately 200°C with some applications going up to 850°C. Substrate sizes are between 150 and 300 mm (5.9 – 11.8 inch).

SPMs Heater product range

  • 300 mm: Ceramic and Aluminium Heater

  • 200 mm: Ceramic and Aluminium Heater

  • 150 mm: Ceramic and Aluminium Heater

200mm ceramic heater

More Chucks & Components

  • Special designs, e.g. ceramic-metal-compounds

  • Special surface structures and coatings

  • Refurbishment of parts such as temperature probes

200mm aluminium




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