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Grounding of your moving module with quality static eliminator


Are you suffering from rupture of copper bands due to thin and sensitive copper wires? 


Do you need to replace your groundstraps every few weeks or even often?


Would you like to increase your lifetime for 2-4 times?

You can achieve a longer lifetime and reduce costs with our improved, more resistant Inconel Groundstraps vs your existing copper groundstraps. Inconel materials offer you more resistant and bendable groundstraps for more process uptime.





Picture 2. Comparison of our groundstraps vs OEM after 3 weeks

Picture 1. Parallel installation of our Inconel groundstraps

and Copper groundstraps

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For all the further information please contact:

Diana Olan via mail: or via Phone: +423 794 57 91 or

Estera Bujny via mail: or via Phone: +423 791 79 24.

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