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X-HOT – Keeps Your Foreline Clean

X-Hot is a super-high-speed hot N2 (up to 150°C) injection system which is contributing to minimizing the density of toxic gas and powder clogging in the pumping line and it increases the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

Actual Test Pictures


  • Equipped with “L” company’s dry pump and installed at the customer site (PECVD)

  • Evaluated 2 months and confirmed less clogging issues were found

X-Hot test pictures
Section view of X-Hot
X-Hot controller

Stronger Suction Force by Venturi and Bernoulli Effect accelerates pumping gas and does not allow powder clogging on the line. It also contributes to reducing the load of pumping and lowers the electrical power consumption of the vacuum pump.

Main Features


  • Minimize clogging (Stronger Suction Force)

  • Decline density of toxic gases

  • Increases the efficiency of the vacuum pump and reduces electrical power consumption

  • 2~4 times heater longer lifetime

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