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Meet Estera Bujny - one of our Sales Engineers!

Estera has been working in SPM for the past two years. She has a very good understanding of sealing products - she is here to help you choose a cost-efficient solution for your process. 

How did you become interested in working at SPM and the semiconductor industry?

It all started at University, where I was studying the technology of chemistry. I developed a broad understanding of processes and specific elements, which build up my interest in semiconductors. To improve semiconductor processes to be more efficient is one of the most fascinating parts of my work at SPM. 

What are you the most excited about in your role? 

Meeting many different people from various departments is at the core of my work. Each of them has not only their own professional expertise but also a shared responsibility to improve parts used in essential devices of our daily lives. Those people make the semiconductor industry a very inspiring environment for me.

What is something unique about your team? 

The knowledge and experience of each person in the SPM team are unique. That is why everyone completes each other. The way of thinking and different ideas makes us an effective team.

What principle or value have you carried with you throughout your career?

The value of the team. The success of the projects is not only shaped by individual members but also by working together to help, inspire, and motivate each other.

What advice you would give to someone who is yet about to work with SPM?

The requirements in the semiconductor industry are challenging and projects may seem overwhelming. My advice would be to trust SPM and its strong belief in the team. With a shared understanding of goals, experienced team members and support of each other, the highest expectations of customers can not only be reached but more than fulfilled. 

For any inquiries please contact Estera Bujny via mail: or via Phone: +423 791 79 24.

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