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Over 15 years of experience in supplying you with spare parts for your lithography equipment. 

Optical parts
Optical parts
Optical parts

Optical Parts for Steppers

All-optical parts you find at SPM enable you to reduce your cost. Not only you save money buying the products low priced, but you also can use them longer in your process. Due to a special manufacturing process, the life cycle of the optical components is enhanced and hence reduces your demand for replacement. 

SPM offers amongst others the following optical components for stepper:

·        I-line filters (Main, Sub)

·        G-line filters

·        Interference Filter (Main, Sub)

·        Cower glass (Lower, Upper)

·        Collector lens unit

·        Uniformity Filter

·        Cold mirror TTLA/FRA

·        Wedge Glasses,...


Furthermore, you find the Fine Reticlement Alignment (FRA) for various FPA OEM Steppers at SPM.

Fine Reticlement Alignment (FRA)

The FRA replaces several parts such as lenses, mirrors, and I-Line filter located in the AA/FRA unit. It uses a short-wavelength I-Line laser diode of 365 nm with a longer lifetime for steady reticle alignment. You can save time and money with the FRA!

Keyboard and Mouse

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