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Regain control with high-quality o-rings

Are your sealing solutions making you leak money?

Would you like to reduce your overall company sealing costs?

Are you facing typical root causes of failure?

incorrect -compound-for-high-temperature

Incorrect compound

for high-temperature process


Twisted o-ring,

due to wrong impropriate

size or o-ring shape


Etched o-ring, due to chemical or plasma reaction

We are aware of how difficult and confusing can be to find the right o-ring solution for your process. SPM sealing experts will support you with complete end-to-end service. Our first task is to understand your issues, give you a performance report of your existing o-rings, and advised you the right material and size combination for your critical applications. Years of our qualification experiences on different processes (etch, CVD, PVD, furnace) and highest quality products will minimize your risk to the lowest possible level.

Have excellent

Quality Control


Lead Time


Manufacturing prices

O-rings advantages:

  • Available replacements for your current POR

  • Lifetime improvement

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Low risk of contamination

  • Safer working environment, due to avoid gas leaks on exhaustline

  • Complete in-house productions (shorten lead time and complete quality control)


Complete In-house system allows us to:

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's comunicate!

For all the further information please contact:

Diana Olan via mail: or via Phone: +423 794 57 91 or

Estera Bujny via mail: or via Phone: +423 791 79 24.

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