Wafer sliding and slow robot movements can be your PAST



Are you often losing wafers?

Do you want to speed up your robot even 6 x?


If the answer is Yes to any of the questions, then customized G-None pads are the right solution for you!

Actual G-None pad use

The G-None pad is a particle-free elastomeric material, created in mimicry of nature to get the slip-resistant function.

Mimicry of nature to get the slip resistance function

GN pads can be used for wafer, mask, and glass handling, up to 300°C. Your end-effector will be able to handle even warped wafers, till 5mm. In addition, there are no limits from your current blades design as GN pads have ALWAYS customized shapes and dimensions for you.

Advantages of G-None pad

  • Preventing wafer sliding-less wafer breakage

  • Increased throughput - Robot speed up for 2-6 times

  • No sticking issues       

  • No holding marks on your product - Zero maintenance

  • Easy cleaning (the 30s per pad)

  • 90 degrees handling

  • Reduced costs for air/vacuum supply

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