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Wafer sliding and slow robot movements can be your PAST



Are you often losing wafers?

Do you want to speed up your robot even 6 x?


If the answer is Yes to any of the questions, then customized G-None pads are the right solution for you!


Actual G-None pad use

The G-None pad is a particle-free elastomeric material, created in mimicry of nature to get the slip-resistant function.


Mimicry of nature to get the slip resistance function

G-None pads can be used for wafer, mask, and glass handling, up to 300°C. Your end-effector will be able to handle even warped wafers, till 5mm. In addition, there are no limits from your current blades design as G-None pads have ALWAYS customized shapes and dimensions for you.


                                     Preventing wafer sliding - Less wafer breakage

                                     Increased throughput - Robot speed up for 2-6 times

                                     No sticking issues       

                                     No holding marks on your product - Zero maintenance

                                     Easy cleaning (the 30s per pad)

                                     90 degrees handling

                                     Reduced costs for air/vacuum supply

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For all the further information please contact:

Diana Olan via mail: or via Phone: +423 794 57 91 or

Estera Bujny via mail: or via Phone: +423 791 79 24.

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