Powder accumulated on the inner walls

Comparison between our bonded centerring and conventional standard centerring after 8 months of installation

TS CENTERRINGS – Safest Solution for a Good Sealing of Your Foreline

Our patented triple sealing centerrings help you to prevent plasma and heat corrosion, cracks, breaks, particle, and leaks on the o-ring. You will prevent an accident from toxic gas leaks and make your working environment safer. Your o-rings will have a longer lifetime, due to preventing corrosion of SUS centerrings. Because of a longer lifetime and using low-cost Viton o-rings, instead of expensive perfluoro materials, you will be also able to reduce centerring costs and save your time for other priorities.   


  • Aluminum or stainless steel material 

  • Applicable for standard flange and step-less type flange 

  • Reusable after o-ring replacement 

  • No current flow line structure change 

  • Less process powder clogging inside the centerring 

  • Continuous operating temperature up to 300 ℃ without stiffening, with FFKM o-ring 

SPM tripple sealing centerring

Normal centerring

Bonded centerring

Opened clamp: Applicable on your exhaust and foreline

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