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Meet our colleagues from the Sisak SPM office!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

Our success story is being built in two separate locations: Liechtenstein and Croatia. Croatia office is currently counting seven employees, starting with only two in the year 2018. Our colleagues work hard in 210 m2 of total workspace which is in use for three work departments: Production, Office & Marketing.

We spoke to Andrea Ćuk, Office Manager in the Sisak SPM office. Here's what Andrea says:

We are a small young team with a strong commitment and a special relationship with SPM. The reason for this is that we are building this company together from the start. We communicate on a daily basis with our colleagues in Liechtenstein which makes our team even stronger. While working together, we are growing together.

Even though we are located in separate locations, that doesn’t stop us from making new ideas and solutions!



We started our renovation in May 2018 and finished in June 2018.


Production started working in July 2018. Before the process started, workers from production spent 6 months on training in Liechtenstein where they learned the procedure of bonding.

Read more about the bonding service.

Before and after the renovation

We put a lot of effort into creating a quality workspace design. Why? Because it leads to a less stressful and more efficient environment. And that’s what we wanted to accomplish. It was essential that our employees feel comfortable and relaxed in their physical work settings to deliver their best work. Because happy employees are productive employees.

Production before and after renovation:

Office before and after renovation:

Core SPM’s business is bonding, and that is what we also do during our free time. We bond mostly in the kitchen or in our small garden.

And of course, we can not begin the day without a proper coffee - it’s our morning routine!


We hope we'll continue to expand as a company and welcome new colleagues.

Sending greetings from Croatia!


For all the further information or inquiries please contact Andrea Ćuk via mail:

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