Gain confidence in your process by measuring the right temperature inside your chamber.


Is your temperature varying between multiple equipment sets?


Do you need a Standard temperature measurement kit (with 3rd party certificate compliance) for better temperature varying control on the surface of your reaction chamber?


Would you like to check your equipment health and find the root cause of your temperature deviation faster?

Thermal couple wafers will help you to monitor your ETCH, PVD, CVD, RTP, Hotplate, Oven, Reflow, etc. manufacturing equipment performance. Premtek Thermal couple wafers will improve the uptime of critical manufacturing equipment and show you process uniformity.

The temperature sensor directly embedded, enables you to perform direct in-situ wafer temperature measurements. Reliable sensors, directly planted on measurement wafer, give you the actual temperature at the location, where the sensor is mounted. You will have a complete temperature profile of the wafer and continuously temperature changes monitoring to correlate with your process temperature profile.


Moreover, Premtek TCW can be completely customized according to your needs. You choose the wafer size, wafer substrate (different material), quantity and location of sensors, wire lengths, temperature range, and wire termination type.

Picture 1. TCW with recorder

Dual Wafer

Picture 2. Customized Dual TCW

for higher pressures

354mm*460mm Glass

Picture 3. TC sensors on glass carrier

Picture 4. Software Interface-Uniformity check

Picture 5. Temperature track during a longer period

Picture 6. TCW Unique-Full wafer 3rd party certification