You can have a protective anti-static environment for reticle handling and storage.

Regardless if you are looking for storage, transportation, or a process box – our boxes can be used for it. SPM storage and transportation boxes will protect your masks. Moreover, it will provide you long-lasting hinges, offer easy open and close, and convenient access for insertion and mask removal.


SPM cleanroom class I packed reticle boxes, mask boxes, process cassettes, and wafer shipping boxes ensure you:

  • maximum protection to increase your yield

  • minimal particle generation

  • minimal contact

  • stable transportation and storage

Process Cassette

Wafer shipping box

SMIF pod

Reticle cases and mask boxes are shipped to you the same day when your order is received.

Reticle cases

Mask cases

Mask shipping boxes

Wafer shipping box

Keyboard and Mouse

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