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Have the most quality products and service for your lithography equipment

Are you paying enormous amounts to buy new lasers for your lithography tools?

Would you like to repair your lasers and use them at a similar time as new ones?

We can support you with laser repair, electronic device refurbishments, and spare parts for your steppers.


Your laser will be handled with technicians that can diagnose laser repair issues, provide the right solution for you and repair it with the highest possible precaution. In each laser, all critical parts will be replaced, and this is a key secret for a laser longer lifetime. After each stepper parts repair, you will be provided with a laser diagnosis and status after repair.


Green and red laser


LS Relay AMP and ZT Realy AMP lasers


High Encoder Resolution board version 1, 2, 3


HP 5517 series

Yaskawa robot repair


Zygo laser series 

(ZYGO 7701,7702  / 7712)


Excel 1001 Series


Cost-efficient in

comparison with

buying a new laser​

Longer lifetime, due to complete replacement of all critical parts inside the lasers and electronic devices​

Over 80 repaired lasers

unit in 12 major

European fabs​

Proven lifetime: over 4 years in the tool

and still running

After repair laser failure diagnose and status after the repair is provided to you

Expedited shipping

in case of tools down

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's comunicate!

For all the further information, please contact Daniel Bernegger via mail: or via phone: +423 375 8028.

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