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Would you like to avoid arcing, sticking, high Helium flow, and achieve 2 times longer lifetime?


Original Bi-polar ESC’s and the second source ESC’s on the market all have the same lifetime limitations.


They lifetime ends too early because of:

  • High helium flow

  • High ESC current

  • Arcing

  • Sticking

SPM improved everything needed for a longer ESC lifetime:​

The ESC is not attacked by chemical solutions formed during the wet clean

The ESC can withstand the WAC much better (Waferless Auto Clean)

The usual arcing spots are determined

Nice round edges, without sharp corners

The principle and base materials of our ESC are the same as at the OEM, which means that your process will stay exactly the same. Not like when you would change over to ceramic or Yttria coated products, which will change your process dramatically. Qualification of our Bipolar ESC in your production line will prove that.


We have Wet clean proof ESC’s replacing the following OEM numbers:

  • 718-094523-281

  • 718-043893-801

  • 718-092326-081

  • 718-043893-818

  • 718-094756-081

  • 718-043893-811

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's comunicate!

For all the further information please contact Philipp Quaderer via mail: or via Phone: +4237928027.

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