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Would you like to improve the choice of your fasteners?


While semiconductor manufacturing, which typically uses ultra-high vacuum, is one of the most demanding industrial environments from the standpoint of outgassing and particle contamination, you need to have the best fasteners you can choose. Particles in micron size can cause defective wafers and your production becomes much more expensive than it should be. That is why the only logical choice is to buy the cleanest and effective fasteners you can get.


No matter how high demands you have for your tools, we will try to meet your expectations, with Hastelloy, SUS, Titanium, Inconel, and other nonferrous metal bolts and nuts. The products, which will be provided to you, are in accordance with international standards and specifications. All our parts are precision cleaned and packaged in our certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards before shipment.


UHV vented screws


Bolts and screws

from M2 to M72


Bolts ans screws in polycarbonate, PEEK and polyamide materials


Flat washer, Wave washer,

Spring washer

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