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SPM Croatia Bonding Service

Updated: May 11, 2021

Business with sputtering target bonding started in the year 2010 in Schaan, Liechtenstein. 8 years later, in 2018 SPM opened its facility in Sisak, Croatia.

The main reason for opening a company in Croatia is YOU, our customer. We decided to use all the benefits we can to make you happy. The main benefits of a company inside the EU are providing better support for our EU customers which include cheaper, faster, and simpler purchasing processes.

Except for bonding, for which we are the only specialized company in Croatia, we provide import, storage, and distribution for SPM AG.

Read more about the bonding service.

From the beginning, August 2018, till May 2021, we have reached 5000 rebonded targets.

And there is no doubt in the quality of our sputtering target bonding process. The photo below shows why:

We made internal statistics which shows a scrap rate of less than 1% in one year, and rebonding rate of less than 3% in one year. These numbers are showing the quality of our trained and dedicated team. Except for our internal results, quality is confirmed by ISO 9001, we are ISO certified since June 2019.

We expect to be the number one supplier for bonding service in Europe in the coming 5 years.

For all the further information or inquiries please contact Andrea Ćuk via mail:


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