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Meet Diana Olan - one of our Sales Engineers!

Diana has been working in SPM for the past two years. She has a very good understanding of sealing products - she is here to help you choose a cost-efficient solution for your process.

How did you become interested in working at SPM and semiconductor industry?

Before having the interview for joining the team, I had no idea about SPM or the semiconductor industry.

I was about to finish my Master’s degree in Chemical and Industrial Engineering in Poland, actively searching for a job when I got contacted to work at SPM. I knew it was a life-time opportunity which I couldn’t miss, and 2 months later, I was part of the team.

It was a completely new and fascinating world for me which I wanted to explore. It will make your brain crazy to know that your phones, internet, car sensors and self-parking, temperature sensors from your AC, they all have semiconductor components which are made starting from the sand.

What are you most excited about in your role?

The daily interactions with engineers from different countries. Most of the projects I am in charge of are long-lasting, therefore one of the most exciting and awaited steps is the end of any qualification when customer confirms that we were able to help him achieve the target.

What is something unique about your team?

We all have the same goal, to build a trust-worthy relationship with our customers. We deliver products, but mainly we deliver support and quality.

What principle or value have you carried with you throughout your career?

To be honest and transparent with any customer I work with. To work as a team and understand his needs and concerns, offering support during all the steps.

What advice you would give to someone who is yet about to work with SPM?

If you have never worked before in the semiconductor industry, I would advise him/her to be patient! We were there, with hard work and continuous learning, you can do it.

For any inquries please contact Diana Olan via mail: or via Phone: +423 794 57 91.

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