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Clogged Forelines? More Uptime, X-Hot Keeps Your Foreline Clean.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

We started to introduce this new product about 6 months ago and the customers who tested and installed it see a great improvement in their uptime and much less maintenance work required.

X-Hot is installed after the pump. A small heater heats the N2 up to 150 Degree C. With very sophisticated designed Nozzles the N2 gets accelerated into the Foreline. The sucking force is keeping the exit of the pump nice and clean.

The pressure of the pump is the main indicator if the foreline getting clogged or stays clean.

We have customers who use the X-Hot for CVD Tools where a BPSG Process is run and a lot of powder builds up in the foreline. Also we have customers who use it for the metal etch process and they suffer from a gooey clogging. They also report much cleaner forelines after installing our X-Hot.

Clogged Foreline

Additionally we suggest to use our Teflon/Metal/Viton Centerrings to keep the Foreline leaktight.

This little sealing solution brings great improvement to the performance in addition with the X-Hot.


Contact Philipp Quaderer via mail: or via phone +4237928027

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