Are you using your photo chucks already over 15 years and you notice raising defocus issues and particles? 

ESCs are one of the most expensive items in semiconductor tools so efficacy, yield improvements, and cost reduction are significant points to be taken into account.  


We can provide you improved photo chucks for next-generation lithography wafer-handling applications.  

Anti-warp photo chuck for superior clamping force 

Improved edge area defocus photo chucks 

You will be able to: 

  • decrease backside particles for sensitive applications, due to lower contact ration (small pin size and wider pitch) 

  • higher edge yield, due to improved edge cell flatness and wider vacuum area 

  • performing durability of the initial flatness and yield improvement, due to superior surface roughness 

  • lower overlay value with superior global flatness and wider/stronger vacuum 

  • improve hardness and bending strength, with converting material from Quartz/Si-SiC TO SiC 

Technical capabilities OEM vs SPM modified photo chuck 

Pine size OEM vs SPM modified photo chuck

Provided local cell flatness on edge(20X20) under 0.15um whereas OEM 0.5um

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