Have the best insulation with direct heat on the pipe

Are you paying enormous money for energy consumption?

Would you like to prevent exhaust line clogging and avoid heating element failures?

You can be provided with the most efficient heating jackets you can currently find on the market.

There is a direct heating line installed to the pipe with excellent heating properties, where the running costs are the lowest. And what is the best, you are safe from heating element failures with 4 years warranty on all the parts!

Yarbrough heating jacket installation

2-piece design. Heating elements are attached directly to the pipe

Insulation jacket over the heating element


                     Minimized powder clogging

                     Highest Temperature Uniformity on the market

                     No heat leaks

                     Much lower energy consumption (≦ 30% electricity for heating)

                     4 years of Warranty

Temperature uniformity of Yarbrough heating jacket system

3 months tool running before Yarbrough heating jacket

6 months tool running after Yarbrough installation

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