A typical CVD process is coating not only the substrates but the chamber as well. To keep the process environment stable and clean, the chamber itself must be cleaned periodically. Much energy is expended to have a good and reliable process while coating, but the clean process is often neglected simply because no product is in the chamber at that time. Typically expensive environmentally unfriendly gases such as NF3 are used.


Only 5% of our customers detect the exact moment when the chamber is clean. Normally they over clean, which can lead to damage to the chamber parts or they do not clean enough and the depositions can flake from the chamber. All of this can generate particles.


The only way to avoid this, optimize the consumption of toxic NF3, and increase chamber throughput is to implement clean endpoint detection.

Forth-Rite is taking a completely different approach with their Trace-Rite product family, by looking at the impedance change of plasma created in the foreline from the chamber effluent. Careful materials choices allow the unit to operate year after year without any excessive maintenance requirements.

  • Save money by reducing clean gas

  • Increase uptime (saving time on cleaning, more time for deposition)

  • Good control over cleaning process (know what you do, while cleaning)

  • Fewer particles created from cleaning

  • Equipment lifetime extension

  • No maintenance after installation (reduced chamber opening)

  • Environmental friendly

Overall costs reduction in deposition process Endpoint Outputs Can Be Based On:


  • RF voltage

  • RF current

  • Phase

  • Delivered power

  • Impedance

  • Analog outputs from the process tool (match tune and load positions, etc.)


TRACE-RITE® classic and TRACE-RITE® mini provide real-time RF-based endpoint detection for either plasma etch or deposition chamber clean.


The TRACE-RITE® RPS is a small, low-cost plasma impedance analyzer specifically designed for endpoint detection of Remote Plasma Clean processes commonly used in semiconductor, flat panel display, photovoltaic and LED manufacturing. TRACE-RITE® RPS is the only non-optical solution for remote plasma clean endpoint detection.

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